Rules for Admission
  • An admission test is held in January each year to ascertain the grade to which a student may be admitted.
  • Only such candidates who have had their names registered in December will be eligible to sit for the admission test.
  • Admission test is compulsory for all candidates’ seeking fresh admission to school. No candidate will be admitted unless he/she has appeared in the test and qualified for the class to which admission is sought.
  • Parents/Guardians are instructed to fill-in the admission forms with utmost accuracy. No changes will be permitted thereafter, for any reason whatsoever.
  • The correct date of birth of the applicant will be supported with a proper certificate and it will not be changed later.
  • A transfer certificate will be required from the candidates coming from another school.
  • New admission will be made subject to availability of seats.
  • Students coming from recognized schools will not be admitted without original Leaving certificate from that school.
  • If they come from recognized school outside the State they shall have their leaving Certificate counter –signed by the inspecting authority of that state.|(Transfer Certificate)
  • Pupils will be given admission only through proper channels. No special reference or recommendation will be entertained or considered.
  • The school management reserves the right to admit or retain students in the school.